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David Lynch wanted Cheetos as payment for Spielberg’s cameo

Minor spoilers for Steven Spielberg The Fabelmans– but it might be worth it!

It’s no surprise that Steven Spielberg is a big fan of some of Hollywood’s greatest directors. One such icon is John Ford, best known for Researchers, The man who shot Liberty Valance and Grapes of Wrath. Since Steven Spielberg’s latest puts a lot of emphasis on his budding directorial debut, he’s done since that it would include one of his heroes. But who would play John Ford? Spielberg recruited none other than David Lynch, lending what looks to be a standout cameo with an even more memorable payout.

Normally such a circumstance could see the cameo lender receive a small check or just put it on the account of making a solid for a fellow director. But remember, this is David Lynch, so he had a rather unusual request if he should run. His payment of choice? Cheetos. According to The Playlist, citing a Q&A session at a screening for members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, David Lynch only requested that Cheetos be kept on set for his snacking pleasure.

Bringing Lynch on board took a bit of time. According to the article, Spielberg “revealed that it took three weeks to convince David Lynch to play legendary director John Ford in a memorable scene at the end of the film.” That goes to Mark Harris (husband of co-writer Tony Kushner) and Laura Dern (star of Lynch’s blue velvet, The heart that is in Desert and Inner Empire) to put Lynch in front of the camera.

John Ford is a director that Steven Spielberg greatly admired and he frequently quoted Ford’s seminal western Researchers as one of his favorite movies. Interestingly, Spielberg has yet to direct a Western, although he has recently expressed an interest.

The Fabelmans is a clear Oscar favorite, winning the People’s Choice award after its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

As for the flavor of Cheetos requested by David Lynch, we just don’t have the answer. So we can only speculate? Is he a classic crispy type or does he go for white cheddar puff pastry? It is simply impossible to understand David Lynch.

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