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Disney wants to make an ‘Indiana Jones’ TV series

Disney has already turned Marvel and Star Wars from movie franchises into Disney+ properties. Now they would have started to explore the possibility of a IndianaJones series. This news comes as the company completes a fifth IndianaJones film, which was shot recently; Harrison Ford is set to star in the latest sequel, which will likely be his final outing in the character’s signature fedora.

According Variety, Disney and Lucasfilm “specifically raised the possibility of a streaming show set in the world of the globe-trotting archaeologist during general meetings with recent writers.” This suggests that the concept is in its early stages, so it’s totally unclear if this show would reboot the IndianaJones concept, or be related in some way to the next IndianaJones 5.

It wouldn’t be the first IndianaJones TV shows. George Lucas created The Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones in 1992, which followed the adventures of the young Indy at two different ages: as a young boy and as a teenager. The show ran for two 28-episode seasons, plus a handful of TV movies.

James Mangold conducts Indiana Jones 5, and it seems to make an excellent fit. He made a number of extremely successful films, including Logan, 3h10 to Yumaand walk the line. George Lucas had actually been working on a potential fifth IndianaJones before selling Lucasfilm to Disney, but nothing ever came of it. David Koepp and Jonathan Kasdan also hopped on the project to write for a while, but that script was scrapped as well. The current version was written by Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth. Technically, Steven Spielberg is the only director the show has ever had, but that ends with this entry. He left the director’s chair in 2020 and took on a producer role instead.

Indiana Jones 5 is due out in theaters on June 30, 2023.

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