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Fyre Festival fraudster Billy McFarland back with new doc

Billy McFarland, the notorious fraudster who went to jail for wire fraud during the Fyre Festival fiasco, will be the subject of an all-new documentary. This time around, it’s not about a failed music festival that lived up to virtually no promise, but rather a…Bahamas treasure hunt.

According to the deadline, After the fire “will feature…a disgraced entrepreneur [Billy McFarland] as he launches his next business venture and tries to repay the $26 million he still owes after he scandalously defrauded investors, partners and attendees of the promised but failed luxury music event that took place in 2017.

Billy McFarland, who was released from prison in March, later apologized for his fraudulent actions, saying: “I have to apologise. This is the first and last thing to do…I failed people. I failed employees. I failed their families. I failed investors. I’m wrong and it’s bad. He continued, “I think the hardest thing for me is the trust that I’ve breached and whether it’s friends or investors or employees, people have given up a lot trying to make that happen… How can I call them now and look them in the eye when I let them down?

For those who dropped out of streaming services in 2019, Hulu and Netflix had competing documentaries about the incident: fire fraud and Fyre: The Biggest Party That Ever Happened, respectively. And in case you don’t remember how catastrophic the event was, here’s a reminder:

Ample Entertainment will produce while Fremantle will distribute. In a statement, co-founder Ari Mark discussed the company’s goals and the upcoming project. “We are generating compelling IP-based content that will resonate with viewers. After the Fyre is the perfect example of Ample in-house production that is both high end and wide.

What do you think of the documentary pitch? Does Billy McFarland deserve a chance at redemption or the attention a new doc would give him? Let us know below!

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