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Justin Roiland thinks the show could go on forever

Of The simpsons at family guy at South Parksome anime shows seem to be going on, but could rick and morty to be one of them? Series co-creator Justin Roiland certainly thinks so.

From the first episode, rick and morty established how long the series could last (100 years!) and Justin Roiland told Total Film that he doesn’t see the series ending anytime soon. “There’s obviously some sort of narrative threads that you want to push towards some sort of resolution,said Roiland. “But I think this series, like a lot of other really great anime series that I love, has the potential to come and go.“Adult Swim has a lot of faith in the series, even giving it an unprecedented 70 episode renewal in 2018. Roiland points a “infinite“Amount of sci-fi storylines in the multiverse that could keep the series going for years to come.”I don’t see any kind of big giant ending,said Roiland. “Even if we did, you just have all the other multiverses… You could just pick up with another family with another Rick. It could go on forever, really.

With the voices of Justin Roiland, Sarah Chalke, Chris Parnell and Spencer Grammer, rick and morty follows “a sociopathic genius scientist who takes his inherently shy grandson on incredibly dangerous adventures across the universe. Rick Sanchez lives with his daughter Beth’s family and constantly takes her, her son-in-law Jerry, her granddaughter Summer, and her grandson Morty on intergalactic escapades.“The sixth season of rick and morty should return next week, but we shouldn’t wait that long because the writers actually finished the seventh season last summer and are currently working on the eighth season of the show.

Even though rick and morty continues for years to come, they have a lot of catching up to do if they want to reach the numbers of other long-running anime series. The simpsons have over 730 episodes to their credit, with family guy about to hit the 400 episode mark and South Park with nearly 320 episodes. After six seasons, rick and morty produced 61 episodes.

Should rick and morty continue indefinitely, or should there be an endgame in place?

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