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Sean Young ‘at peace’ outside of Hollywood

Actress Sean Young, who starred in blade runner, Dunes and Ace Ventura: animal detective hasn’t been in the spotlight for some time now. But now that she’s retired from Hollywood, she says she’s finally “at peace.”

“I am at peace” she told Fox News Digital. “Life is very pleasant. It’s not the life I once had, which was very stressful. Sean Young also noted that she had cleaned up her act and that her support system was stronger in Atlanta than it was in Tinseltown. “I have a lot of support. I have a good fan base. Maybe some of the misconceptions that still exist about me are prevalent in Hollywood with people who maybe hated me the few times I I got drunk when I shouldn’t have but I don’t have that problem today.

Sean Young has been a polarizing and eccentric figure throughout his career. From a failed campaign to play Catwoman that reportedly saw her hiding under Tim Burton’s desk to a harassment and stalking trial of James Woods, Sean Young has built a reputation for being quite difficult and unhinged.

In 2013, Sean Young boycotted the proposed sequel to blade runnerthen led by Ridley Scott, if she wasn’t going to be cast. “My official opinion is that if they don’t include me, everyone should boycott it. Because it’s stupid not to have me in it. It’s really stupid. It’s my opinion !” When Blade Runner 2049 came out in 2017, Young wasn’t there either, although his likeness was used.

Sean Young’s film and television output has been far from substantial over the past few decades, with his biggest turning point being a run on the soap opera. The young and the restless. His most recent film was Asylum’s Dune Planet.

Sean Young can next be seen on the classic Turner Classic Movies cruise, where she will take part in screenings and interviews.

Still, Sean Young is proud of his career. “It’s good to make a living doing something [you love]. It’s amazing to me that at this age I’m still working. And I feel really good about it. And that’s a feeling you can’t always replicate.

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