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Steven Spielberg denounces streaming services like HBO Max

The theatrical experience is special, but it’s hard to deny the rise of streaming in recent years. When the pandemic closed cinemas, studios turned to streaming services to release their films, but even when the world began to reopen, it was clear that things were not going back to how they were before. . It’s a new world out there, but filmmakers like Steven Spielberg don’t like streaming companies”unceremoniously” dumping movies on their services.

During a conversation with The New York Times, Steven Spielberg challenged Warner Bros. choosing to release all of their 2021 movies on HBO Max and in theaters on the same day. “The pandemic has created an opportunity for streaming platforms to increase their subscriptions to record highs and also to throw some of my best filmmaker friends under the bus because their movies weren’t unceremoniously theatrically released,said Spielberg. “They got paid and the movies were suddenly relegated, in this case, to HBO Max. The case I’m talking about. And then everything started to change.“Steven Spielberg is clearly a big proponent of the theatrical experience, but audiences today have many more options when it comes to watching movies. Spielberg knows that”it’s up to the movies to be good enoughto justify the experience of watching a movie in a movie theatre.

Although the director has said that films from Marvel, DC and other tentpoles will always take the lion’s share of the box office, he finds it encouraging that other films can also have an impact. “I found it encouraging that “Elvis” broke $100 million at the domestic box office,said Spielberg. “A lot of older people went to see this movie, and it gave me hope that people were starting to come back to the movies as the pandemic became rampant. I think the movies will come back. I really do.

Although Steven Spielberg has had some harsh words for streaming services before, he acknowledges that some films could benefit from this release model, even some of his own. “I made ‘The Post’ as a political statement about our times reflecting the Nixon administration, and we thought it was an important reflection for a lot of people to understand what was happening to our country,said Spielberg. “I don’t know if I had been given this script after the pandemic if I would have preferred to make this movie for Apple or Netflix and release it to millions of people. Because the movie had something to say to millions of people, and we were never going to get those millions of people into enough theaters to make that kind of a difference. Things have changed enough for me to tell you.

Steven Spielberg’s next movie, The Fabelmanswill open wide in theaters on November 23.

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